TEDS 2023
November / 2023
Financial university, Moscow
About our place and mission
The technological advancements have a crucial impact on economic systems and how economic values will be created. Among constant rethinking of strategies, managerial practices and environments to address existing challenges, researchers and practitioners look at the variety and diversity of new trends emerged due to globalization and technological breakthroughs.

The Technology & Entrepreneurship in Digital Society Conference is an opportunity to bring together researchers and experts in emerging technologies from both public and private sectors to discuss issues related to the development, implementation, use and management of emerging technologies and the move to the digital economy.

The mission of the Conference is to promote innovative research that highlights the impact of emerging technologies of the digital economy on the business models and entrepreneurship. The Conference committee welcomes submissions from researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of fields, particularly those that probe the relationships and interdependencies among innovation, economic development, and the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship.

The conference takes place annually since 2018.
The working language of the Conference is English.

All materials of the TEDS conference are published by Publishing house «Real economy» LLC.
The main topic of the Plenary Session:

"How business is rebuilding innovation strategies of companies in a time of change"
Make your contribution to the field of technology and entrepreneurship in the digital era.
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Publishing house «Real economy» LLC
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Publishing house «Real economy» LLC

190020, Saint-Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky PR., 43-45, lit. B, of. 4n

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